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Blog content for higher traffic, and email marketing for greater loyalty.

what I offer

Brand Voice

✨ Get clear on your target audience ✨ Hone in on a tone that suits and works ✨ Build a cheat sheet of do's & don't 's ✨ Strategise on how to bring your brand voice to life

Content Strategy

✨ Bring your content to life ✨ With a high-performing strategy ✨ Bringing brand awareness, loyalty and conversion

Search Engine Optimised Content

💙 Strategic use of keywords 💙 To get to Google's top ranks 💙 Meta descriptions 💙 Alt descriptions

email marketing that gets you clicks

💙 Email revenue will increase 64% in the next four years (statista) 💙 Reach your audience more personally through email

Coordination and Collaboration

✨ Email design and input ✨ Blog and e-guide layout ✨ You don't have to do a thing!

Make e-mail marketing your #1 converter

ace your personal branding

Guaranteed ROI through:

🔥 Compelling copy that brings your audience in, and authentic, consistent copy that keeps your audience in

🔥 Effective CTAs that boost your brand awareness

🔥Search engine optimised blog content that keeps you top of Google

🔥Catchy headlines that open emails and get users on your website

🔥Keep your customers up to date to build brand familiarity and loyalty

What does it look like? here are some success cases

Awareness & Loyalty-building emails

E.g. 63% open rate over one year;

60% open email flow, with 31% of them clicking

high open rates email marketing

SEO that ranks your blog content in google

E.g. Top 10 Google search for key term

SEO driven content

Story-telling is absolutely key. It's no longer simply about the product, but also the story behind the product.

Don't take my word for it...

I specialise in a few sectors...

So whilst I’ve written in many fields, from the film industry, to gaming, and real estate, I specialise in: 

  • FemTech
  • ClimateTech & Sustainability
  • Tech
  • Wellness
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Travel

Check out my sector-specific portfolios below! 

Get your content working for you

Make blog & Email Marketing your #1 lead converters
  • Brand voice development
  • Content strategy
  • Three blog posts/ months
  • High converting weekly newsletter
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media tag lines
  • Monthly analysis and strategy development
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full blog & Email Marketing Packages from £1,400 per month

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