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Camping on the Great Wall of China


My dream superpower? 
So that I can travel the world whenever I feel like it. My childhood dream was to work for travel guidebooks. I always end up organizing the trip, even if I am the only foreigner in a group of Chinese in China. I don’t have the instinct of taking photos on my travels, instead I explain and portray the journey through words.
I’ve had the luck to travel in luxury, on a budget, and as a digital nomad. I’ve written the web copy and social media for Moroccan hotels, and travel editorial content. 

Travel Portfolio Highlights

travel copywriting

Boutique Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco

+15% increase in direct bookings on the website!

Blog Post: leaps of faith

The Story Exploring the Tibetan Highlands of Yunnan, China

Great Reviews

Founder & CEO
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Capu isn’t just a copywriter – she’s a marketer, strategist, and innovator. She’ll understand your business with depth and passion, and translate it into the brand voice you need. Capu’s expertise in effective marketing strategies and copywriting shines through, as she balances engaging content with search engine optimisation. Her third-party perspective and understanding of the fashion industry is invaluable. I very much look forward to continuing working together!
Amaka Uchegbu
Amaka Uchegbu
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Capu was phenomenal. Fast, professional and passionate. She did a thorough job of understanding my business and really stepped into the shoes of my customers, even though she was not personally part of this demographic. I especially appreciated how she approached copywriting from a business minded perspective, and gave me advice on how to structure CTAs, subject lines and even word counts to optimise in line with my business goals. I couldn’t recommend Capu highly enough.
Sunny Fan
Sunny Fan
Co-Founder & CEO
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I'm always mind blown by the creative taglines and blog ideas that Capu works with. A true wordsmith, who can easily zoom out and see the bigger picture. I'm sure Capu will pepper in some ideas for your business too. She's super knowledgeable about everything marketing-related and website design. Highly, highly recommend!