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“Do you ever get lonely as a freelancer?”

I’ve had a few calls lately with people who are nearly-but-not-quite ready to take the leap and go freelance.

Loneliness is a concern that comes up again and again.

Here’s my answer:

I’m a team player by nature, and so when I work with a client, I feel like we’re a team: I’m all in. And so, through this type of work, I have the privilege of joining multiple teams every month. With some, it’s monthly over years, with others, it’s over an intensive two weeks.

Yes, my business development can feel lonely, and that’s why I have a business coach, and amazing entrepreneur buddies I can brainstorm with. (along with a therapist for when it gets emotional 👀)

You can build the structures and social life that is right for you. Whether that be through co-working spaces, virtual coffee chats, accountability buddies, facebook groups and chats, and everything else in between, you can actively create your own “colleagues”.

If you’re thinking of going freelance, you’re probably a self-starter, who can motivate yourself to get stuff done.

So be brave, don’t use loneliness as an excuse, you’ll figure that one out 😉.