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👉🏽 They boost conversions.

Your customer clicked on the image, looking for more details. Now, the product description could make the difference between the “Fast Checkout” (your ideal situation), or not.

👉🏽 Search engine optimisation (SEO) can ensure that your product is found through a Google search.

The most clicked on item for an e-commerce I wrote for is due to it ranking #2 for a Google keyword. ➡️That’s the goal.

👉🏽 Strengthen brand voice & build trust.

Reading the description should help your customer understand and relate to the brand.

👉🏽 Detailed product descriptions help to reduce the number of returns, as customers know exactly what they’re buying.

Returns are one of ecommerce business’ worst nightmares: costly, and extra admin.

Reach out if you’re in need for some checkout-generating, brand-voice-building product descriptions! 😉

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