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Morocco might seem a pretty random country to add to my story.

Well, it’s a beautiful story…

Morocco is my home.

My parents fell in love with Morocco in 1998, when I was 2 years old, and Morocco has been part of us ever since.

Although all of my education was in the UK, Morocco was where I played, escaped to my books, and leant into my creativity.

In Moroccan culture, people look out for everyone’s kids, and as I grew up, my parents would drop us off at different people’s homes and different shopkeeper’s shop. This community around the Medina, the old town of Marrakech, became my family.

Most importantly, our nanny, Khadija, became a motherly figure, who I followed absolutely everywhere (even to pray) when I was in Morocco, for about 10 years.

So that’s what Morocco means to me ♥

Returning to Morocco as an adult, I took off my rose-tinted glasses and saw this gorgeous country for what it is. And for all its flaws, it’s one of the most beautiful countries and cultures I know, which I’m proud to call home.

That’s why I immediately went back after the earthquake to help, and that’s why I’ve been leading all these fundraising efforts.

Thanks so much for all the support!!

Morocco copywriter