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There’s sometimes a narrative that Tech is bad for the world, its taking over our lives and controlling us, its leading to wars, its leading to flawed presidential campaigns, its taking our jobs… The list goes on!

The above is often about digital and military technology, but in reality technology is much broader. Definitions of technology vary, but generally speaking it’s about using scientific knowledge to create machinery, tools, equipment that advance (or sometimes don’t) human life.

It’s very hard not to acknowledge the incredible benefits of technology – everything from light bulbs, to washing machines, and phones, were once cutting edge. (Throwback to your flip phone)

An area where technology is helping humans so incredibly much is Wellness Technology.

What’s that? 🤔 Technology that enables us to live healthier, happier lives. Not HealthTech per se, which is more focused on the healthcare industry, but fitness, mindfulness, sleep, mental health, menstrual health, menopause…

Let me give some examples to help clarify:

– Flo Health & Clue: helping women track and understand their menstrual cycles better through AI and software.

– Fitness Mirrors: making at-home workouts more fun through in-person full-body coaches that appear on the mirror. (yes most of them return to being a normal mirror when switched off)

– Nordic Track & iFit: using virtual reality to make your gym workouts 100 times more interesting – run in the Sahara and climb Mount Everest.

– OURA: tracking your sleep via a ring, so that you can get the best rest possible. Each of these technologies improve people’s wellness.

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