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Think back on 2023.

What do you actually remember?

It’s probably not the work you did… even though I’m sure you achieved things you’re proud of at work.

Rather, it’s the small moments:
💛 That amazing dinner, where we laughed so much our tummies hurt
💛 The bliss of getting so captivated by a book, that you finish it in a day
💛 The call that re-energised you to launch that project
💛 That night that you danced until 6am
💛 The peak you reached after a 4-day hike
💛 The peace you felt, just chilling with friends for an entire day, with absolutely nowhere else to be and nothing else to do
💛 That run on which you saw a beautiful sunset
💛 The conversation that just struck a chord
💛 The secret place you discovered
💛 That evening where you stayed up all night chatting
💛 The reunion after 4 years of long-distance friendship
💛 The new idea you decided to explore

Those are the moments I’ll remember in 2023!

And so whilst I’m setting professional goals for 2024, seeking more of *those* moments is my priority too.