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Third blog post of the Bolivia series, we delve into Bolivia’s previous capital, Sucre.

In the morning, we go to Sucre’s famous cemetery. An intriguing place, with mausoleums, along with library-like sections that house caskets. One of the mausoleums houses the Argandoña family, who gave all of their wealth to the city. It is this family who built the Glorieta castle, in Spanish, Moorish and Bolivian style – which we visit next.

Meandering the cemetery and reading about the Argandoña family, one ponders the shortness of life. How sacred, and how fast it can change. Some tombs are grouped in organisations, such as miners, or schools. The symbolism and need for community moves me. We pass so many people throughout our lives, and yet there are only a few key loved ones who truly know us – who will they be? Family? Friends? Colleagues? Or fellow revolutionaries?

As we visited the cemetery and glorieta castle, taking the Bolivian “micros” (minibuses where you just shout when you want to stop), we discussed everything from what job Lea might want to do, to summer plans, and how we might want to be buried one day.

Coming back to the centre, we ate traditional food recommended by Jose at Doña Naty‘s: the Karapecho and Mondongo Chuquisaqueño. Absolutely delicious (go there!!). We returned to the hostel, and chilled in the garden, playing cards. A couple of hours later, when we gathered the energy to do so, we hike up to the hilltop for sunset on Sucre. A little late, but there still is the pink backdrop to the hills and colonial town beneath.

It’s yummier than it looks – I promise!

Venezuelan dinner, good wine, great chats, and bed time.

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