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A copywriter’s take.

Various people have (of course) told me about ChatGPT, telling me I need to check it out, and also sometimes telling me that I should rethink my work as a copywriter – because ChatGPT is going to replace me.

My thoughts? What a great tool to help me in my work.

I’m a firm believer that AI will not replace humans, it will help us become more efficient. Just like steam engines did, just like the internet did (The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Econ History 101 learnings there 😉), it will empower us to be better.

As a reminder 🔔: Copy is all the text organisations use to promote themselves and their services – from website, ads, blog, social media, etc. Copywriting, then, is understanding a brand’s mission, and putting it into words.

Arguably, now that ChatGPT can write anything we want it to, no more need for copywriters. Well – not quite (in my humble opinion). Copywriting has always been for text that needs more thought to be put into it. Whether it be a press release, or an SEO blog post – it is strategic writing, not just writing.

Although ChatGPT’s skills are incredible, it cannot quite do that.

(yes – before you ask – I have tried it… lots!)

ChatGPT can compile research, write emails, even provide a list of who to pitch an article idea to. But it struggles to write on a topic, with a few strategies in mind at the same time (i.e. tone of voice, attracting customer, SEO, etc).

What it can do, however, is give you a base to work with – research, ideas, or even some paragraphs. And that will enable copywriters to focus on what we do best: take words to the next level, so that they convey the message you want, in an authentic and engaging manner.

I can’t wait to see what this technology brings us – tell me your thoughts in the comments

First published on LinkedIn, see discussion here.

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