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Reflections of the Morocco Earthquake 2023

How does one explain the dismay of seeing your hometown broken?

Or your childhood home damaged?


How does one explain people so close and connected experiencing such a tremendous loss?

Or them being buried by the hundreds under rocks?


How does one explain the sense of responsibility and duty which you feel?

Or the crippling pressure that that entails?


How does one explain the confusion and frustration of misinformation?

Or the lives put on hold from it?


How does one explain the heart-warming yet heartbreaking friendships made with children who no longer have a teacher, no longer have a school?

Or those who have lost their families?


How does one explain the many relegated to living in windy mountain tents for the foreseeable future?

Or the shame of no longer having real toilets?


How does one explain centuries-old historical monuments fallen to the ground?

Or the national pride and culture lost with it?


How does one explain the sleepless nights spent thinking, feeling, and reasoning, to absolutely no avail?

Or the simple emotional exhaustion of it all?


How does one explain the tears that prick your eyes when you leave, understanding they’ve lost everything?

And that despite it all, there is joy.

And they wave goodbye, laughing.

Best not explain. 

Best laugh. 

Best cry. 

Best wave goodbye.


morocco earthquake reflections