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I’ve seen many brands make this mistake: don’t do the same. Build your brand voice! 🔊

You’ve launched your brand rapidly, it’s taken off, but you’re now at a loss on the marketing front. You keep working on it, posting and creating content, but nothing seems to work.

Ever considered it might be because you haven’t created a brand voice?

Why is brand voice so important?

1️ ✅ A consistent brand voice builds trust. Through a consistent brand voice, your customer begins to understand your brand and its characteristics.

To pick an extreme example: If one day your voice is teasing, informal, and funny, but the next its very professional and formal – you leave the customer confused.

2️ ✅ Your brand voice makes you customer centric. So (so) often, as we build a brand, we delve deep into it, and forget that a customer might not understand what to us now seems so obvious.

For example, at Hotdogs Harnesses, we momentarily forgot that people might not know that “Hotdogs” was not just a food, but a dog harness brand. We quickly corrected the mistake, but it cost us a month’s worth of marketing efforts!

Your brand voice always places the customer at the centre – and we’ve all heard it: “the customer comes first”.

Why? Because they’re the target of your marketing – not your colleague.

3️ ✅ Your brand voice conveys your broader mission. Build your brand voice around your mission (rather than your products or services).

Customers are attracted by your mission first. THEN they want to see how the product will enable to participate in it.

Take ŌURA: “Sleep better with the most accurate (and stylish) smart ring.” – starting with the mission, ending with the how. Yes please, I would like to sleep better. 😉

Brand voice is relevant to everyone. I’ve used the word “brand”. In my opinion, everything is a brand – from your posts on LinkedIn, to an NGO, or a government organisation.

How are you developing your brand voice this year?

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First posted on LinkedIn: see discussion here.

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