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A Story of Marrakech’s Beauty Salons

The Debate Around Hair Removal

There’s debate around whether hair removal, beauty salons, and the like, are un-feminist.

Granted, these places help us ascribe to notions of beauty that are and have been defined by a patriarchal society that objectifies women. A woman should be thin, hairless, and spend an inordinate amount of time making herself look beautiful. So then, should we boycott beauty salons?

I’m of the firm belief that each woman should – and has the right to – do what’s best for her. That includes hair removal. Personally, I feel much better about myself and my body after a wax. I wholeheartedly acknowledge that this is due to social beauty standards that I do not necessarily agree with. But, I go to the beauty salon for myself and leave feeling more confident.

Beauty Salons: Hubs of Female Empowerment

I live in Morocco, which despite being modern in many ways, is still a traditional country characterised by a lot of sexism. The idea of someone other than her husband seeing a woman naked (to remove her hair) would likely be scandalous to many.

For ten years, I’ve been going to the different Yves Rocher beauty salons across Marrakech. I come out feeling inspired and revived every single time, thanks to the inspiring women I meet there.

An all-female team managing and working across ten locations is rare in Marrakech. These salons empower their employees to make their own choices. Whether a 28-year-old woman is resisting family pressure to get married, or a woman who divorced her husband, choosing to bring up her three sons alone, these women are modern trailblazers working in an industry that is not necessarily the most respected in Morocco. Each one that I have met is an incredible character and fighter spirit. They tell me their stories proudly, making jokes about women’s private parts along the way.

To me, these Marrakchi beauty salons are hubs of female empowerment. Not only do many women leave feeling more confident in themselves, but also, the spirit this all-female team radiates and inspires those who pass through.

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