I hold a Masters in Business Economics with 3.94 GPA, and a Bachelors in International History with 2.1 (3.9 GPA equivalent) from China and the UK’s leading institutions. My specialties are:

  • Chinese history, culture, and tech industry. Broadly speaking, give me a China-related topic, and I will use my fluent Mandarin and deep passion for the country to research and deliver a sophisticated argument on it. I have experience writing 3,000-character research projects in Mandarin, my 50-page bachelors’ thesis on Chinese history, and reading and analyzing government policy papers. 
LSE Bachelor’s Graduation
Master’s Graduation from Tsinghua

Innovation and tech policy – within companies, institutions, and countries. My masters thesis analyzed multinational corporations’ R&D and innovation policy in China, while my major was innovation and technological policy – primarily at a national level. I am passionate about understanding what drives innovation, and how countries develop and maintain technological advancement.  

Why do MNCs establish R&D institutes in China?: A case study of French MNCs

My 70-page Masters thesis (Schwarzman Scholars) about multinational corporations’ innovation in China, taking French MNCs as a case study. The research involved understanding what type of R&D is done in China, for what purpose, and how is it different from the R&D undertaken in other countries the MNCs are present in. The analysis is divided on an industry basis, demonstrating common cross-industry and industry-based patterns.

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European travellers in the Middle Kingdom: Perspectives of British, French, and Spanish Travellers to China, 1878-1911.

My 50-page Bachelors thesis (LSE) about British, French and Spanish travellers’ views and feelings on China changed between 1878 and 1911. The analysis is divided between nationalities, and time periods (pre-Sino-Japanese war, pre-Boxer rebellion, and post-Boxer rebellion). Through detailed analysis of historical sources, themes are drawn to demonstrate the changes in perspectives throughout these times.

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